The Lion And The Jackal

The lion was convinced by the cunning jackal and he agreed. As soon the jackal was able to convince him, he jumped on the young camel and tore him apart. The young camel died instantly.

The lion remembered that he must worship before eating for the young camel’s next life and asked the jackal and wolf to guard over the carcass, while he returned. He then went for a bath and worshiped the gods.

When the lion was gone, the jackal thought, “How can I fool the lion and have the entire camel for myself?”

He thought of a plan, and called out to the wolf, “Hey wolf! I know you are unable to tolerate the hunger anymore. Eat a mouthful of the camel’s flesh and I will convince the lion by making up a story.”

The wolf started eating some, believing the jackal’s words. Just then the jackal alerted, “Here comes the lion, stop eating now!”

When the lion returned, the wolf had stopped eating. But the lion noticed that his food had been contaminated. He roared in anger, “How is it that my food is contaminated despite it being guarded by the two of you?”

The jackal smiled at the wolf, “I advised you not to eat, but you would not listen. You could not tolerate your hunger and wait for the king’s return! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

The lion noticed the blood on the wolf’s paw, and attacked it. The wolf, realizing that he would die if he did not flee, ran for his life to never return again.

At the very moment a very big caravan approached. The camels in the caravan had large bells around their necks, and the jingling sound could be heard from a distance. The lion was surprised by the unusual and terrifying noise and wanted to know what made the noise.

At once, the jackal used it as an opportunity. He said, “O Master, it is the same caravan returning. Only this time, it is led by Yama (God of death). He must be very angry on you for killing the camel before the hour appointed for his death. Look, he even brings the camels forefathers and relatives to avenge his death. I suggest you should run away from here.”

The lion believed him and was frightened. When he saw the caravan approaching, with so many camels, he ran for his life.

When the jackal had finally gotten rid of the lion, he ate the camel’s flesh all by himself. It lasted many days.

The wise indeed say:
Spurn the company of the wicked, else you will come to grief.

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